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The Attorneys at Kugia & Forte have represented thousands of buyers and sellers of residential real estate.  Our goal is to make a very stressful transaction, seem boring.  Our considerable experience has given us the unique ability to successfully guide clients through even the most challenging deals.  From the moment we are involved in the transaction, we diligently protect your legal rights and interests.   We review the contract with you, modify the contract on your behalf, help you negotiate any home inspection issues,

Real Estate Closings*
Purchases and sales of single family homes
Short Sales
For Sale By Owner (FSBO)
Apartment Buildings
Contract Negotiations
Title Insurance
Deeds, Quit-claim Deed
Land Trusts

*A Seamless Home Closing

Our attorneys offer comprehensive service to homebuyers and sellers during the buy-sell process. We routinely review contracts to ensure our clients’ interests are protected and modify contracts when necessary. We strive to provide clients with a seamless closing process, meeting deadlines and reviewing contracts.

If you would like to speak to an Attorney from Kugia & Forte to learn how we can help you, please call (847) 428-9800 to arrange for a free consultation.