Estate Planning


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Kugia & Forte, P.C. offers assistance in all aspects of Estate Planning.  Our objective is to help you implement a plan that meets your goals and addresses your concerns. Maintaining control of your property during your life, and distributing your property upon your death, is a central theme, but we also take great care to incorporate your family dynamics into the design of your estate plan.  Some typical areas of discussion center around who is best suited to manage assets, make medical decisions, and serve as a guardian for a minor child.  We also delve into whether an adult child has creditors, a stable marriage, or the ability to manage a single large distribution.  And of course, we are always trying to maximize the amount you can pass on to those you love without paying estate taxes.

We have represented thousands of clients and for many people, beginning the estate planning process is the most difficult step.  Some people are uncomfortable contemplating their death, some are unsure where to start, and some are procrastinating.  If you own property, have children, or have been recently married or divorced, you are in need of a consultation.  Please call our office at (847) 428-9800 to schedule an appointment.